The Power Of I AM by David Allen

The Power of I am by David Allen

The Power of I Am

With the power of I AM you can bring your perfect life into existence. A life of health, wealth, happiness, success and buckets full of love. Everything you say after I AM manifests into reality, no joke, it does.  The words goes before you and create the perfect circumstances accordingly.

What is it about I AM that it so powerful? The Power Of I AM by David Allen It is a firm conviction, only you can say it to yourself. It’s yours and yours only. Like your fingerprints, and you, you are unique. So is your I AM unique.

Your I AM … can be whatever you want it to be. Have fun with it.

I AM are so powerful in the sense that you actually claim these to happen, thanks to the present tense you use, and constant repetition coupled with your firm belief in the power within you, the I AM affirmations basically makes you one very tough cookie to crack.

Let me shed a little light on how I AM actually works, and also help you to write the perfect I AM for yourself for all your every difficulty or concern you have, to cover everything.

I AM is a positive affirmation that starts with you, directed to you, and happens to you. These are declarations of you, who and what you are, what you are capable of, your truth, qualities and capabilities. Unique to you as you are, to be received by you only. You deserve whatever you decide to put after I AM.

The Power of I AM work wonders in your life, it allows your heart to accept the goodness of the world as blessings bestowed upon you.

They shield you from negative energy the more you speak them out to yourself and the Universe. Your I AM’s can shield you all day when you practice this ritual every morning just after waking up, and every evening upon dosing to sleep. They have the ability to keep you strong, powerful and focused the entire day.

It allows you to see the beauty in yourself, as well as around you and in what you have. It makes your dreams a reality. They simply are the most powerful words you can give yourself every day.

Write them, say them, feel them, focus on them, believe them, receive them, that is how it works. This is truly powerful stuff.

We write our I AM affirmations as though we release ideas in a free manner of our minds, each day. These are repeated constantly to magnify the power it holds. These are our true intentions, because we care about ourselves and our loved ones as well as our lives and futures.

These two words, I Am, and what follows hold so much power, they should be treated with utmost respect and open-mindedness, and you have to believe with all of your mind, body and soul. Believe like you’ve never believed before.

You see, when we add belief and emotions to our I AM, we add a lot of fuel to the fire.

The combination of thoughts, words, feelings

and firm belief are truly explosive with The Power of I Am.

When you affirm to yourself that I AM a believer of my own power, and that my I AM affirmations are the powerful tool I shape myself and my life with, you are unstoppable when your mind and body speak the same. You then have a personal connection with these powerful words that allows you to receive any and all blessings you bestow upon yourself.

You might want to focus to let your feelings of confidence, belief and happiness connect with your words, you will learn to enjoy the power of these words in any way you profess them.

Say your I AM affirmations every day, at least 3 times a day is good. You can do more, it will only benefit you in the long run. But just a word of advice, you can write up and say as many as you want each and every day, but be wary, it is quicker and easier to start with a few and work your way to more over a period of time.

Especially when you start, if your do too many at a time, you might not believe yourself and you might give up. It’s better to start small and work you way to big numbers. I also focus on something specific, until I get it, and then I move on to the next one.

The Power of I Am Works great.

To cram as many I AM’s in as you can think off is not a good idea at all. It can be greatly overwhelming. It is a great source of encouragement, motivation, inspiration and confidence. Keep your peace in your heart, and keep your I AM’s positive, easy and attainable. Don’t be pressured, it all comes with time and effort, you keep growing and creating your new focused mindset making yourself the magnet of positivity and all you want to the Universe.

I AM affirmations guide you into a more joyful, peaceful amazing, meaningful life.

The more you do, and see the powerful magical power of the I AM, the more abundantly blessed you are, you will see magical things happen in your life.

The Power of I Am

I have a unique system that I love where I take my name and find I AM … words for every letter in my name. It goes like this:

I AM Marlene

I AM Motivational or Meritorious or Meticulous or Mind-blowing or Mischievous or Mission-driven

I AM Albatross or Able or Abundance or Accomplished or Achievable or Achieving

I AM Reliable or Radiant or Ready or Respected or Responsible or Rejuvenated

I AM Love or Like-able or Limitless or Ladylike or Leadership or Laughing

I AM Excellent or Eager or Easygoing or Educated or Elated or Educated

I AM Never-failing or Namaste or Natural or Nice or Nourished or Noticeable

I AM Extraordinary or Energized or Enjoyable or Enlightened or Enough or Enthusiastic


I AM Free

I AM Marlene

I AM is a whole bunch of combination of things anyway. I AM not just one thing. I AM part of it all.

I AM gives tremendous power. When you figure out what your I AM is, you repeat enough times to make a rhyme or song or put a beat to it. Have fun with it. Practice it and learn it by heart. Any time day or night you must be able to recite the whole thing flawlessly.

Every Time you add emotion to your I AM you make it stronger. It gets more power.

Before you know it, you look around and you see it. You see the I AM … alive. It’s glorious.

I dare you to try it, you’ll see.

The Power of I Am

I made a list of all the I AM’s in the book The Power of I Am by David Allen. Here follows:

I am prosperous. I am successful. I am happy. I am healthy. I am powerful. I am strong. I am secure. I am loved.

I am all life. I am all existence. I am the anointed one. I am the illumined one. I am the awakened one. I am wisdom.

I am intelligence. I am inner light shining out. I am inspired. I am the truth. I am the light. I am love. I am law. Love is the fulfilling of the law.

I speak truth. I am the fulfillment of that I say I am. I am the master, I am creator. I am calm and collected. I am rich.

I am healthy. I am well. I am happy. I am awake. I may be what I will to be. I may have what I will to have.

I am the one life. I am the one Spirit. I am the one and all. I am the power and the glory. I am brave.

I am perfect as my Father in Heaven is perfect. God is manifested in me. I am the color, life and beauty of everything that is.

I am energy. I am divine energy. I am constantly receptive of Spiritual Guidance. I am a part of the power that is greater than me.

I am that I am. I am divine power and health. I am courage. I am health, vigor and strength. I am peace. I am plenty.

I am abundance, as I am one with infinite supply. I am rich, I adhere to all the laws of riches of the Universe.

I become all my ambitions. I am a success. Success is my birthright. I am happy, made for it and entitled to it.

God I AM speaks and it is done. I am God’s supreme creation, dominion and power is mine. It is all done unto me as I believe.

I am success. I am that which I contemplate. I am hard as a diamond. I am cold as steel. I am deadly as poison.

I am soft as dawn. I am warm as sunlight. I am gentle and tender as a Mother. I am your counselor, your assistant and your friend.

I am stronger than the strongest, I bend you to my iron will. I am yielding to the infinite most gladly I will go Thy way.

I am a blessing. I am the law. I am healed, my entire body is in perfect health. I am rest. I am peace. I am satisfaction.

I am satisfied. The being within me is awakened. I am one with all people. There is no enemies, only friends.

I am pure unconditioned being. I am that I am that I am. I am abundance. I am pure being, Universal Infinite substance.

I am fearlessly and wonderfully made. I am all these beautiful things and more. I am free. I am me. I am the Supreme me. I am resilient and tough. I am enough.

To enlighten yourself and learn how important your I AM is, get your copy here at Amazon.  “Enjoy, it truly is a great enjoyable read.

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